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Rail Shooter


Orion Arts

Release Date

October 10, 2018





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Galerider is a rail shooter featuring high-speed arcade game-play for the mobile platform. Soar into the air as Bree the Galerider with her trusted Wind Drake and save their world from the threat of destruction. Dodge obstacles, glide across rivers, dive over mountain cliffs and fly through narrow caverns as you collect items while incinerating swarms of enemies!

Survive an onslaught of enemy minions to face off with the colossal Overbeasts! Defeat the Overbeasts to unlock new mounts, each with its own unique ability.

The World of Galerider

​Remnants of humanity reside in the harshest regions of Hyperia. An area rich in life-sustaining Essence but also inhabited by dangerous creatures. The once docile guardians; the Overbeasts, have been stirred to unrest, causing chaos throughout the realm. Bree must take flight upon her trusted mount to defend her home against its former guardians and the creatures under their influence.

Game Features

  • Experience the Rush of this beautifully crafted Rail Shooter as you fly through winding valleys and deep precarious caverns filled with dangers at high speeds!

  • Revel in the Power of your Wind Drake as you unleash devastating attacks upon wave after wave of enemy monsters!

  • Witness the Awe of the gigantic boss monsters as they hurl their onslaught of deadly attacks toward you!

  • Feel the Adrenaline as you dodge dangerous obstacles with well-timed barrel rolls!

  • Enjoy the Satisfaction of defeating the colossal Overbeasts to unlock new Wind Drakes with special abilities!

  • No in-app purchases; all content updates will be free to our players!





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Creative and Design

Daniel Choo

Game and Level Designer

Sim Wei Jin

Character Dialogue Writer

Tamuna Tsertsvadze

Environment Artist

Michael Wong, Daryl Tan


Quek Keng Yeow, Wong Jin Nong

Character Concept Artist

Esteban Moraga

Character Artist

Sean Teo

Character Rigger and Animator

Jerry Goh

UI Artist

Tan Yi Chuin

World Map Artist

Ong Jia-ying

Character Portrait Artist

Marisa Oh